…After serving the industry for a total of 31 years, the time has come to say goodbye and move on to pastures new; or in my case take to the seas.

  I have always found the recruitment industry to be challenging, competitive, diverse, fruitful and moreover rewarding. I count myself very fortunate to be able to have experienced such enthusiasm and motivation in a job for so very long. It must be soul destroying to feel like you have to go to work every day and not have your heart in what you do.

  In my experience, all clients I have ever dealt with – big, small, fast-growing, slow-living, local and international – all seem to share one thing in common: the desire for a good recruitment service. A unifying thread that still ties together myriad of different places, peoples and businesses.

  Tracing the roots of this journey back, I ventured into the recruitment world at the age of 25; young, naïve and loaded with ambition. This naivety led me to believe that all one needed to do to succeed, was to be honest. Admittedly, holding this pillar of honesty in business was somewhat in vain; however it did lead me down a path to the realisation that honesty does work from a candidate perspective. Suddenly I found a doorway to integrate my principles and ethos, and still be a competitive power: Ainsley Morgan became a “candidate driven” business.

  Through that door I found success. I felt so strongly about my belief, that at the company’s inception in 1996, I developed the idea of “risk free” recruitment by offering a 6 month replacement guarantee. Suddenly I was confronted by competitors disapproving and questioning my ideas – this was the stepping stone away from the pool of generic agencies, into a field of our own as a bespoke, personal and successful service.

  On the keynote of success, one resounding element that propelled Ainsley Morgan, and myself individually also, is the decision to embrace change. An attitude which drew upon the momentum to adapt, and channelled the quickening and morphing current of the market ocean, rather than being overturned or swept away.

  To this end we have managed to achieve consistently. However this has been through a vital synergy – adapting to the winds of change, yet maintaining our roots of who we are and what service we offer steadfast and strong. We are a people business, social media is a remarkable tool but it should not relied upon or hide behind. Engage in conversations, be interested and they will be too. To this day, Ainsley Morgan still holds true to its simple, elementary and pioneering virtue: ‘Ainsley Morgan views the Candidates of today, as the Clients of tomorrow.’

  This profoundly simple yet impressionable statement came from a wonderful candidate of ours, Zade. How grateful I felt seeing that the seed of hope planted and embodied as Ainsley Morgan, had truly given fruit through this reaction from a candidate. A formidable, intangible and pervading sensation of success swept through our offices, desks, hands and hearts.

  So the saying, “what a joy it is to turn old gracefully”, rings home now for Ainsley Morgan. Bidding farewell to this busy and bustling space, filled with knowledge, dense with experience and enlightened with reward. With these final last words, please take them to heart.

  Candidates, Clients and Recruiters form an interdependent web, a trio where each element inextricably needs care, attention and respect. A level playing field: give candidates the time, preparation (interview training!) and aftercare (feedback, please!) they deserve. To clients the resourcefulness, dedication and honesty they need – and recruiters, to yourselves, give what we set out to do at our origins: be the connecting force, the matchmaker that unifies two halves, the giver and receiver, employer and seeker, and solves the puzzle of creating a mutually beneficial solution for all.

What a gift it can be.

  I would like to thank all the clients and candidates alike, throughout my 21 years at Ainsley Morgan and the previous 10 with my first employer within recruitment and the plethora of wonderful and dedicated people I was fortunate enough to have engaged with throughout my career. I bid you all goodbye and wish you all the very best in everything that you choose to do. Most importantly have passion for what you do – feed that fire every day, and it will never fail to feed you too.”


Nadia Manders Cert FIRP

Managing Director